Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Winter Hat

Well, that was a quick knit! Thank you LB Homespun. Hats & scarves are really the only thing I enjoy using this yarn for. I decided to skip the ear flaps and ties this year since Chloe should leave it on if I tell her to. We'll see :-)

I don't know what's next. Maybe some matching mittens... but I tend to have issues knitting mittens. I might pull out some of that Red Heart and play around with it. Or jump right into the baby kimono I've had my eye on. So many options!!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Kipling Sweater

I fell in love with the Kipling baby sweater a few months ago while googling baby knits. I had a heck of a time with this pattern though. Maybe because I haven't knit many sweaters. Or maybe because I've got this preggo-brain thing going on that makes even simple things much more difficult. Who knows! But I couldn't figure out her instructions on how to pick up stitches for the sleeves so I ended up just making it up as I went along. It's a little wonky because of that but who cares! It's like newborn size so it will only fit for a few weeks at most anyway :-)

It's knit with Bernat Satin in "Mist Heather" and I used up just less than one ball of yarn. (It's not so shiny in person either, that was thanks to the flash photo.) It's soft, machine washable, and was inexpensive. All pluses in my book when it comes to baby knits.

Now onto the next project! Time is ticking away. Only 3 months left until D-day and counting...

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Hats and Booties

These seem to be the order of the day. We're having two babies in the middle of winter after all, so we can't really have enough hats and booties, right?? Plus I love that I can finish them in a matter of days rather than weeks.

I found both the ribbed hat pattern and bootie pattern off Ravelry. There will probably be several more sets made in the next few months!

I've still got the Kipling baby sweater on my needles. I got SO confused by the instructions for the sleeve caps that I threw the whole thing aside. I think I'll pick it back up tonight and fudge my way through it. I hate leaving things unfinished!

After that I'll be making a sweet little purple kimono and probably a hat and mittens for Chloe. Can't forget about the big sister!

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Basic Booties

I made some simple garter stitch booties to pass the time while patiently waiting on our "big" ultrasound date.

Finished just in time because yesterday we found out we're expecting a little GIRL and a little BOY!

Now to dive into all those sweet little baby patterns! :-)

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Baby sling contest!

Check it out:

Win the Essential Babywearing Stash from Along for the Ride (one Beco Butterfly, one Hotsling baby pouch, one BabyHawk Mei Tai, one Zolowear Ring Sling, and one Gypsy Mama Wrap)